Intergroup was established in 1985 and has grown to become one of Qatar’s leading diversified service organisations, with small and medium industries contributing to the economic success and visibility of the State.

With aims of diversification, development, efficiency and delivering high quality services, Intergroup paves the way as one of the most recognisable leaders in the Qatar market.

In its opportunity to be part of dynamic development of industrial services sector, by promoting investment of foreign capital, Intergroup focused its interest on the oil and gas industries. In the last 10 years the Group has built a reputable name among other oil and gas service related companies in Qatar.


From the very beginning Intergroup has been involved in the development of the North Gas Field and the downstream industries and the hydrocarbon industries in general. Intergroup and its parent, Al Faisal Holding, along with their combined workforce of 10,000 employees, have links to a diverse array of over 50 companies, and possess abundant resources. The company is proud of their continued investment in Qatar’s growth and development and their strengths have helped make Intergroup one of the most efficient companies in providing logistics, support, and services to their principals.


To be at the hub of a business network by actively seeking synergetic business relationships, intergroup further supports Qatar’s industrial and economic growth.


To become a renowned service provider partner in Qatar that creates dynamic teams of talented international experts when assembling specialised project consortiums.


Intergroup is aligning with Qatar National Vision 2030’s especially in the first pillar: economy. Intergroup aims to create a stimulating business climate that attracts foreign investments and technologies.

In line with the National Vision’s 2030‘s pillar of Suitable Economic Diversification, Intergroup is actively seeking other diverse business ventures in industries such as fashion, food and restaurants.


   Intergroup - Affiliate of 
Al Faisal Holding


 Al Neama Holding


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